Prepare Your Book Manuscript

Speed up the publication of your book by preparing your materials correctly.

Follow the IEEE guidelines for how to prepare your book manuscript. This will help ensure your book is produced quickly and accurately.

 IEEE Collabratec

Manuscript Acceptance Criteria

Your IEEE Press Acquisitions staff will contact you to make sure that your submitted manuscript meets production requirements. The manuscriptRead More

Permissions for Reuse of Materials

Understand your responsibilities for securing permissions for reuse of materials. If your book reuses content that has been published before,Read More

Create Original Graphics

Communicate visually. By following these guidelines, you will be able to create original graphics that will look great in yourRead More

Manuscript Submission Checklist

Make sure that your manuscript contains the below items before submitting it to your IEEE Press Acquisitions contact. Keep yourRead More

Book Templates

Simplify the writing process with a book template.Wiley offers a LaTeX template (ZIP, 572 KB) that will help you focus on theRead More