Your Role in Book Production

There are four major phases in the IEEE book production process. Your role in book production is vital to ensure a high-quality finished product. Please pay attention to any deliverables that may be required of you.


Once your manuscript is checked for completeness, it will be assigned to a Production Editor. The Production Editor is responsible for overseeing the entire production process for your book. Your Production Editor will contact you with a schedule for the production process. Please notify the Production Editor if you will be unavailable at any time during the production process.


Your book will be copyedited for style, consistency, grammar, and nomenclature. Wiley’s house style, based on the Chicago Manual of Style, will be applied. Your Production Editor or the copyeditor may contact you with queries at this stage. Once all queries are resolved, the copyedited manuscript is sent to a typesetter for layout and pagination.

Proof Review

After the typesetting process is complete, you will receive page proofs for review. This is your last chance to make edits to your manuscript. Please note that the proof review process is meant to capture only small typographic errors. No major changes should be implemented at this time. The typesetter will make any edits to your page proofs and then generate the final digital files of your book.

Printing and Distribution

The final files will be sent for printing and binding. The book is quality checked when received from the printer before it is released to distributors. Advance copies of the book are sent to contributors, endorsers, reviewers, and authors.